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You want fic? We have fic.

Rec Suggestion Post

You want fic? We have fic.


Rec Suggestion Post

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Bring It On - Logan
Have an idea for a rec we should do? Leather pants in Veronica Mars? PG-13 in Supernatural? Boys in eyeliner in any fandom? Comment here and we'll try to work it in!

Bear in mind, our primary goal is to foster multi-fandom recs, but we will do fandom specific recs as well.
  • Quality character studies.

    G or PG rated fic with a plot.


    Bodyswaping fun!

    Betrayal of one character by another who has always been a friend in canon.
  • A holiday meal.


    A dog (no doggie death!).

    Spaceship malfunction.

    First kisses.
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